Search and Rescue

The Search and Rescue Section of the Florida Fire Chiefs' Association

The mission of the Florida Association for Search & Rescue is to unify and coordinate the efforts of SAR responders in the state of Florida.  This section provides educational opportunities to SAR professionals and develops proficiency levels for state deployment through ESF 9.  This section is governed by a section council.

July 2023 Agendas

USAR Operations in the
COVID-19 Environment
  • FASAR Section - LTRT Meeting: Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 1330-1530
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  • FASAR Section - USAR Training: Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 1330-1530
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  • FASAR Section - TFL Meeting: Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 1330-1530
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  • FASAR Section Meeting: Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 1330-1530
    FASAR Business Meeting Agenda - February 2021
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Section Council
Allen Willis, Special Operations Chief
Tallahassee Fire Department
Vice Chair
Larry Doerffel,Battalion Chief
Ocala Fire Rescue
Kathy Weaver, Fire Chief Retired
Past Chair
Jeff Strickland, Retired
Region 1 Representative
Jeff Wagner, Deputy Chief
Ocean City-Wright Fire Control District
Region 2 Representative
Kurt Hindle, Lieutenant
Tallahassee Fire Department
Region 3 Representative
Jesse Brown, Assistant Chief/Training
Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department (TF5)
Region 4 Representative
Matt Brown, Training Chief
Lakeland Fire Department
Region 5 Representative
Spencer Bashinski, FL-TF4 Administrative Coordinator

Orlando Fire Department
Region 6 Representative
Glen Van Brunt, Division Chief

San Carlos Park Fire District
Region 7 Representative
Scott Dean, Assistant Fire Chief

City of Miami Fire Rescue
FFCA Board Liaison
Greg DeWitt, Fire Chief

Bonita Springs Fire Control Rescue District
FASAR Reference Material
Section and Committee Policy - Descriptions & By-Laws
Strategic Plan FASAR 2015-2020
Florida US&R Task Force List 2018
History of the Organized SAR in Florida
Training and Funding Information
Agenda History
Task Force Leaders Working Group Minutes


  • TRT Working Group Meeting Minutes - July 2023


Task Force Leaders Working Group History
FASAR Minutes



FASAR Minutes History
 Task Books
Structural Collapse Rescue Operations Task Book - DFS-K4-2152
Structural Collapse Rescue Technician Task Book - DFS-K4-2153
Application for Hazardous Materials Technician Certification of Competency - DFS-K4-2160
Application for FLUSAR Rescue Specialist Certificate of Completion - DFS-K4-2161
Rope Rescue Technician Task Book - DFS-K4-2151
Trench Rescue Operations Task Book - DFS-K4-2154
Trench Rescue Technician Task Book - DFS-K4-2155
Vehicle/Machinery Rescue Operations Task Book - DFS-K4-2156
Vehicle/Machinery Rescue Technician Task Book - DFS-K4-2157
Check Lists Grouping
Structural Collapse Technician Breaching-Breaking-Cutting-Burning Check List
Structural Collapse Technician General Check List
Structural Collapse Technician Lifting and Rigging Check List
Structural Collapse Technician Shoring Check List
Confined Space Rescue Technician Check List
Rope Rescue Technician Check List
Trench Rescue Technician Check List
Vehicle and Machinery Rescue Technician Check List
Publications and Resource Typing Policies
Pre-Landfall Tropical Weather/COVID-19 Co-Response Guidance
FASAR US&R Hurricane Con Op 2017
FL-TF8 ADSAR Mobilization TAP
Florida Type I FSW Equipment 2008
Florida Type II FSW Equipment 2008
Minimum Training Required for Basic Wilderness Search and Rescue
Mission Ready Response Handbook - March 2017
Regional Coordinator Responsibilities
Resource Typing K9 Search and Rescue
Florida Technical Rescue Teams 2023
Resource Typing for Urban Search and Rescue and Technical Rescue
Resource Management and Typing Documents
State Urban Search and Rescue Alliance Mission Ready Package Handbook - May 2017
State Uban Search and Rescue Cache list - June 2017
TRT Suggest Equipment Cache - February 2020
TRT Suggested Sustainability List - February 2020
US&R Resource Minimum Cache List by Type
Urban Search and Rescue Standard by EMAP - 2-2019
Req Forms
25 Personnel - EMAC MRP with Cost Estimate Template 2016
50 Personnel - EMAC MRP with Cost Estimate Template 2016
100 Personnel - EMAC MRP with Cost Estimate Template 2016
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