Florida Fire Chiefs' Association

Code of Ethics


The purpose of the Florida Fire Chiefs' Association is to actively support the advancement of the fire service, which is dedicated to the protection and preservation of life and property against fire and other emergencies. Towards this endeavor, every member of FFCA shall, with due deliberation, live according to ethical principles consistent with professional conduct and shall:

  • Maintain the highest standards of personal integrity; be honest and straightforward in dealings with others; and avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Place the public's safety and welfare and the safety of employees above all other concerns. Be supportive of training and education, which promote safer living and occupational conduct and habits.
  • Ensure that the lifesaving services offered under the members' direction be provided fairly and equitably to all without regard to other considerations.
  • Be mindful of the needs of peers and subordinates and assist them freely in developing their skills, abilities, and talents to the fullest extent; offer encouragement to those trying to better themselves and the fire service.
  • Foster creativity and be open to consistent innovations that may better enable the performance of our duties and responsibilities.