Statewide Emergency Response Committee (ERC)

The Florida Fire Chiefs' Association is the support agency for the state emergency support functions (ESF) 4 (Fire) 9 Search and Rescue and coordinates resources for ESF 8 (EMS), and EFS 10 (Hazardous Materials).

SERP/ERC Meeting Minutes

January 2019

July 2019

 Emergency Response Plan

The Emergency Response Plan is endorsed by the Florida Division of Emergency Management and referenced in the State of Florida Comprehensive Emergency Mangement Plan (CEMP).

Welcome to the Florida Fire Chiefs' Association’s (FFCA) Fire & EMS Resource Catalog & Deployment Program, FL -MUTUALAIDNET. This program is being provided through a memo of understanding between the Florida Fire Chiefs' and the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

The FFCA-SERP Emergency Response Committee manages FL-MUTUALAIDNET, and uses the program as the primary means of capturing and managing information related to resources available for a response within the scope of the SERP.

Access to FL-MUTUALAIDNET is provided for all ERC members and authorized points of contact for each fire department and agency maintained in the program. Additional details regarding the use of FL-MUTUALAIDNET can be found within the current SERP document.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact your SERP coordinator or mail TJ Lyon at [email protected].


201 - Overview (FL) 207 - Manage ST-TF (Demo)
202 - Logging In (FL) 208 - Performing Resource Inquiry (Demo)
203 - Adding New Contact (FL) 209 - New Resource Request (Demo)
204 - Adding New Department (FL) 210 - Sending Resources (Demo)
205 - Adding Department Resources (FL) 211 - Updating Resource Request (Demo)
206 - Managing Resource Types (Demo)  

 Statewide Emergency Response Committee Information

 2015 Equipment Rates 508  SERP-MAP
 FL-Typed Resource Guidance Document  SERP Meeting Minutes
 SEOC Matrix 2019-2020 numbers  SERP Department Listing - Alpha
 SERP ERC Contact List 10.8.18  SERP Department Listing - Regions
 SERP Plan Approved 7.17.15  

SERP Deployment Forms

FFCA Form 2: Ambulance Strike Team  FFCA Form 2: Light US&R Task Force – Type III
FFCA Form 2: Brush Truck Strike Team (Type I & II) FFCA Form 2: Rescue Strike Team ALS
(Ambulance w/FFs)
FFCA Form 2: Emergency Response Team FFCA Form 2: Rescue Strike Team ALS
(3 Person Unit)
FFCA Form 2: Engine Strike Team FFCA Form 2: Swiftwater/Flood Rescue SAR Task Force
FFCA Form 2: Engine Strike Team w/LTRT FFCA Form 2: Water Tender Strike Team (Type I & II)
FFCA Form 2: US&R Task Force, Type I FFCA Form 3: Responder Emergency Contacts
FFCA Form 2: US&R Task Force, Type I & II  

SERP Forms

 FFCA Expense Report - Form 4  SERP Inventory - Form 1
 Regional Deployment Run Card  

SERP Additional Information

 FFS-FFCA Wildland Quals_01-17-14  USNG National Grid Letter
 FL Ambulance Deploy SOP 2018  


 FEMA Disaster Assistance Policies  ICS Forms
 Florida Incident Field Operations Guide  Florida Division of Emergency Management
 ICS Resource Center (FEMA) Resource Typing Library Tool (RTLT)
Statewide FFCA/SERP Wildfire Resource Deployment Information