PEMT- Public Emergency Medical Transportation Supplemental Reimbursement Program

The PEMT desk reviews are finishing up and there are a few concerns that we are seeing in most of the submitted cost reports.

  1. The supporting documents need to be more detailed. Please submit financial statements and/or general ledgers that shows where the submitted figures came from. Most supporting documents that was submitted shows the total amount of a cost, but where did you get that amount from? Please provide a more detailed breakdown that can easily be tied back to submitted figures in the cost report.
  2. We also have some concern with depreciation. Where did the amount of depreciated come from? Please submit supporting documents showing what is being depreciated and how you came up the total amount that was depreciated. If you are depreciating equipment or vehicle, you will need to submit documentation showing what vehicle (i.e. ambulance) and how you came up with the amount being depreciated.
  3. Although you are not allowed to use an Indirect Cost Factor of 10%, it would be beneficial to calculate your facilities Indirect Cost Factor and use that. These indirect cost factors should be around 20%.
  4. Please check over allocation factors on Schedule 4 & 5. Submit all supporting documentation on how you came up with your allocation factors.

We are requesting that all additional supporting documents and/or modified cost report be turned in by close of business March 22, 2017. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please let me know.

Thank you,

Brooke Yowell - Financial Specialist
HQ Bldg 3 Rm 3212A - Bureau of Medicaid Program
2727 Mahan Drive | Tallahassee, FL 3208
850.412.4287 | [email protected]

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