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Here’s ten of our most recent fire-specific webinars:

  1. The Cost of Firefighter Injuries: Reducing Fiscal and Physical Impact
  2. First Responders, Stress Management and Coronavirus
  3. The Fire Service & COVID-19: 7 Key Legal Considerations
  4. Why Fire Departments Get Sued
  5. Words Matter: How to Safely Communicate About Suicide
  6. Crisis in the Streets: Fire Department Response to Homeless Individuals
  7. Time-Critical: Communicating Effectively During Disasters and Major Incidents
  8. The Data-Driven Fire Department: Using Analytics to Improve Operations and Reduce Firefighter Risks
  9. Can’t We All Just Get Along? How to Stop Bullying & Promote Positive Firehouse Behavior
  10. Are We Fit to Fight Fires? Real-World Guidance for Firefighters and Leaders

And blog articles for your use:

  1. Public Safety Facebook Pages and the First Amendment
  2. Managing the Risk of “Move Up” Assignments in Fire Departments
  3. Fatigue in Public Safety: An Identifiable, Manageable Risk
  4. First Responders, Stress Management and Coronavirus
  5. 4 Essential Elements for Fire Incident Command Policies and Procedures
  6. Smart Firefighting Podcast: Which Comes First, the Policy or the Behavior?
  7. Failure to Lead in the Fire Service: The Consequences of Doing Nothing