The Florida Association for Hazardous Materials Responders is an organization of individuals and groups at all levels of training and from all backgrounds, Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management and industry who are interested in the area of response to hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction.  The Section is governed by a Section Council.

Section Council
Chairperson Mathew Marshall, Engineer/PM
Cape Coral Fire Rescue
FFCA Board Liaison Michael Murphy, Fire Chief
City of Marco Island Fire Department
Region 1 Representative Anthony Smith, Lieutenant
Escambia County Fire Rescue
Region 2 Representative Todd Notley, Assistant Division Chief
Tallahassee Fire Department
Region 3 Representative David McIntire, Lieutenant
Gainesville Fire Rescue
Region 4 Representative Sandy Brooking, Special Operations Coordinator
Pinellas County EMS & Fire Administration
Region 5 Representative Richard Foster, Lieutenant
Orlando Fire Department
Region 6 Representative Edwin Dwyer, Jr., Division Chief-Special Ops
Estero Fire Rescue
Region 7 Representative Steven Shaw, Battalion Chief
Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue

Hazmat Medical Treatment Protocols

  HazMat Medical Protocols Part2 Treatment.pdf      View
  HazMat Medical_ProtocolsPart1 Responders.pdf   View

Hazmat Reponse Procedures

  Biomedical or Biological Waste Emergency.pdf     
  Capabilities Assessment Tool for Type I Hazardous Materials Response .pdf  
  Capabilities Assessment Tool for Type II Hazardous Materials Response Resources.pdf  
  Capabilities Assessment Tool for Type III Hazardous Materials Response Resources.pdf  
  Container Emergencies.pdf  
  Drums and Abandoned Containers Emergency.pdf  
  Field Analysis of Unidentified Potentially Hazmat.pdf  
  Concept of Operations Hostile Incidents CBRNE Materials.pdf  
  Gas Cylinder and Container Emergencies.pdf  
  Hazmat Medical Support and Rehab Functions.pdf  
  Hazmat Tanker Tanker Vehicle Incidents Including Rollover.pdf  
  Hazmat Technician Competency Assessment.pdf  
  Hazmat Technician Competency Refresher.pdf  
  Selection and Use of Specialized Chemical Protective Ensembles.pdf  
  SERC Guidelines.pdf  
  Termination Procedures SOP.pdf  
  Toxic Materials, Poisons, and Pesticides.pdf