"Honoring the Past, Committing to the Future"

The Vigiles was established by Caesar Augustus in 6 AD after a particularly disastrous fire in Rome, thus was born the first organization of firefighters. Also known as Vigiles Urbani (watchmen of the city), the Corps of Vigiles was comprised of several thousand freed slaves who would win citizenship after six years service in Vigiles. After a century, freed men would enter the service of the Vigiles merely for
the prestige that came with the service.

Thus the fire service was born. Members of the Vigiles Societas honor the past and pledge their commitment to the future of the fire service.

Vigiles: A corps who were the fire brigade of ancient Rome nicknamed Spartoli, named because of the buckets they carried water in which were made of rope and sealed with pitch. They were strategically located throughout the area of Rome, becoming one of the earliest predecessors of the fire and emergency services.The Vigiles Societas is composed of a corps of men and women who are committed to the fire service and pledge to advance the educational knowledge of others in the fire service and the public. As a member of this distinguished group you will have the opportunity to impact the future of the fire service by helping fund the costs associated with the educational opportunities available at all conferences organized by the Florida Fire Chiefs' Foundation. Your contribution will help fund the costs associated with scholarships for members of the fire service to attend conferences, to pay for travel costs incurred by instructors and key note speakers, producing educational materials, and pay for the cost of equipment needed for presentations.

Joining the Ranks of the Vigiles Societas:  To join the ranks of the Vigiles Societas you need to pledge your support to advance the educational knowledge of others in the fire service and to improve the public’s awareness by committing to one of the Roman Firefighter positions, or consider paying for a Roman Scholar Package which would allow a member to attend one or all of the conferences listed below. 

Roman Firefighter Positions

Uncinarius - The firefighter who was a “hook” man, who carried a large fire hook for pulling off burning roofs.  With your $250 donation you will receive a Vigiles Societas lapel pin.

Siphonarius - The firefighter who was responsible for the supervision and operation of the water pumps.  This level is achieved with a $500 donation.With your $500 donation you will receive a Vigiles Societas lapel pin.

Aquarius - The firefighter whose main duties were the supply of water to the siphos or pumps and the organization of “bucket chains”. This level is achieved with a $750 dollar donation. With your $750 donation you will receive a Vigiles Societas lapel pin.

Praefectus Vigilum - The first documented group to command the first firefighters, thus being the first recorded Fire Chief.  With your $1,000 donation you will receive a Vigiles Societas lapel pin encrusted with a ruby.

Emperor - The leader of Rome or founder of public firefighting force called the Vigiles.  With your $3,000 donation you will receive a sterling-silver fire axe lapel pin.

Individuals that chose to join at the Uncinarius, Siphonarius, and Aquarius levels will be recognized with Vigiles Societas lapel pins. Only one lapel pin will be provided for members joining or upgrading within these three levels. Individuals joining or upgrading to the Praefectus Vigilum will receive a Vigiles Societas lapel pin encrusted with a ruby. Individuals joining or upgrading to the Emperor level will receive a sterling-silver fire axe lapel pin.

The Florida Fire Chiefs' Foundation provides many educational opportunities to the fire service each year. The scholarships provided by the foundation allow individuals to participate in many educational opportunities they may not otherwise have access to.

Centurion Scholar Sponsor

A Centurion Scholar Sponsor has the opportunity to help with educating many members of the Florida Fire Chiefs' Association.

The Centurion was the most professional of the ranks and they were viewed as great leaders, well respected by those they led.  They were held personally responsible for the training and conduct of those in their ranks, and inscriptions have been found indicating that they may have had the title "centuro et campidoctor" (Training Officer). By assuming the responsibility for training, those who sponsor scholarships have earned the rank of Centurion.

With your commitment, a scholarship will be reserved in your name for the conference you select. There is no limit to the number of scholarships you can sponsor. By sponsoring the scholarship you will be joining the ranks of the Vigiles Societas.  Furthermore, your named scholarship will be posted on the FFCA/FFESF webpage, will be recognized in the Florida Fire Service publication and will be listed with all conference material.

Currently, the Florida Fire Chiefs' Foundation offers scholarships for Fire Rescue-East, the National Emergency Vehicle Technician Training Academy, the Emergency Services Leadership Institute, Executive Development Conference and the Safety and Health Conference.

Fire-Rescue East is the premier Fire/EMS/Emergency services exposition and educational conference organized by the Florida Fire Chiefs' Foundation. Cost for one scholarship is $900.

The National Emergency Vehicle Technician Training Academy provides training for vehicle technicians and fire department driver engineers and is the largest testing facility in the nation.  Cost for one scholarship is $850.

The Emergency Services Leadership Institute provides a curriculum consistent with upper-level academic achievement and addresses issues that are either not prominent in other curricula or not structured in a manner that allows for an integrated learning experience.  Cost for each course is $550.  Cost for all six courses is $3,300.

The Executive Development Conference focuses educational offerings toward the senior officer level by providing numerous classroom presentations and networking opportunities.  Cost for one scholarship is $1,500.

The Chief Craig Haun Memorial Executive Development Conference Scholarship offers Centurion Scholar Sponsors an opportunity to sponsor this new special scholarship opportunity named in Chief Haun's memory. Part of Chief Haun's legacy was his community and association involvement, commitment and leadership for this conference as well as serving as FFCA’s 41st President (1997-1998).  The scholarship will include full registration and lodging to the annual Executive Development Conference which provides numerous classroom presentations and networking opportunities.  Cost for one scholarship is $1,500.

The Safety and Health Conference provides a forum for departments safety and health committees to come together to discuss the latest in safety training, research and healthy lifestyles within the fire service. Cost for one scholarship is $500.

Vigiles Societas and Centurion Scholarship Donations
Craig Haun Executive Development Conference Scholarship Application

Note:  All gifts should be made payable to the Florida Fire Chiefs' Foundation
(*These amounts can be gifted over time)  
*Advancement to subsequent levels available by a cumulative gift.

Current Vigiles Societas Members

Emperor - $3000 Level
Anthony Apfelbeck, CFPS, CBO, CFO, FM
Pamela DeMeo

Julius E. Halas, CFO, EFO
Jess Lapin-Bertone

Jo-Ann Lorber, EFO, CFO, MIFireE
Rand Napoli, EFO
Warren Patterson
Ronald Parrish, MPA, CFO, EFO
Mark Souders, CFO

Janet A. Washburn, CFPS, FM, MS
Thomas G. Weber, CFO, EFO, MPA, MIFireE

Praefectus Vigilum - $1000 Level
Bill Alm
Ed Arrants

Gary Ballard
Scott Barnes
Donald Bouwer
Ronny Coleman
Charlie Deal
Neal DeJesus

Darrel Donatto
Leland Greek
Nat Ippolito
Richard Knoff

John Knoll
Mike Long
Wayne Martin

Alan McLaughlin
Jeffrey Money
Cindy Morgan
William L. Nesmith, CFO, CEM, EFO
Lee Newsome
Bob Norton
Jeffrey Page
Gene Prince
Robbie Robertson
Kingman D. Schuldt, CFO

Lawrence E. Scovotto, CAE
E. Laney Stearns III, CFO
Richard Talbert, CFO

Wayne Watts
Ray T. Weeks

Aquarius - $750 Level
John Albritton
James Angle
Karen Ballard

Philip Blanc
Robert Cabot
Dan Chichester
Jim Dixon, CFO
Tuffy Dixon
David Downey
Julie Downey
Allen and Patty Durham 
Nate Gilman
Deborah Martin

Tom McCrone
Dennis Merrifield
Stan Mettinger
Jeffrey Money
Tim Mossgrove

Derryl O'Neal, CFO, EFO, MPA
Mayor Wayne Poston
Ron Rogers 
Ron Siarnicki
Ty Silcox
Jeff Strickland

James Wright

Siphonarius - $500 Level
Diana Ashe
Richard Butcher
Ryan Crawford
Otto Drozd, III, EFO, CFO

William Gulbrandsen
Jeff Hoyle
Jonathan Kanzigg

Joe Landreville
Gene Madden

James McEvoy
Nancy McZegle
John Miller
Barbara Murphy
Mike Murphy
Dorian Page
John Pedalino 
Tim Pilson
William Quinn
Randy Safer
Paul Sumner
James Walls
William Wentlandt

Uncinarius - $250 Level
Francis Arrants
Barry Baker, CFO
William Bingham, MS, EFO, CFO, CMO
Scott Chappell
Charles Cooper
Susan Cote
Donald Dipetrillo
David Dobryzkowski 
Lawrence Doerffel
Daniel Duncan 
Carlos Duran
Kevin Easton
John Fish 
Ralph Franklin
David Freda
Danny Fureigh
Gene Gallo 
Pete Gannon 
Rocky Garzarek
Shawn Hanson 
Timothy Hawver 
Gary Jordan, CFO, CFOS, CFEI 
Harold Joslin
Jonathan Kanzigg
Guy Keirn
Matt Keller
Scott Leisen
Richard LePere 
Lynn Long
Chelsey Lyon
TJ Lyon 
Will Gray May, EFO 
Helen McLaughlin
Janiece Money
Robert A Mitchell, CFO, FPEM, ILO
Allan Money
Jon Pasquelone
Steve Peavey, CFPS, CFCO
David Quaderer 
Carl Shank
Lew Simon 
Robert Staples, CMO, MS, NREMT-P
Melvin Stone 
Gary Weiss, CFO, EFO 
Michael D. Williamson