Focus on Fire Departments and Crew


Focus on Fire Departments and Crew

For more than two decades, ImageTrend has been known for its industry-leading solutions for documenting fire incidents and prehospital patient care, but there’s much more to it than that. ImageTrend is also dedicated to serving the individuals who work in the fire, EMS and hospital healthcare industries.

ImageTrend developed its free mobile application CrewCare™ to capture and deliver insights on overall personal health and wellness, and contribute meaningful research to promote a greater awareness around the mental health of our nation’s first responders. In light of the recent pandemic, CrewCare was updated to include questions specifically related to the impact of COVID-19 as ImageTrend places an utmost importance on the industry’s most crucial asset – the individuals. CrewCare is free for all first responders and healthcare professionals to start using today with past reports available for download.

Additionally, ImageTrend recently released its free mobile application Aware™, where personal exposure tracking is available for everyone, regardless of their software vendor, to document and track structure and medical exposures. Throughout the entirety of one’s career, users can quickly document and recall incidents, and even mark incidents for follow-up or results in a continued effort focused on individual wellness.

ImageTrend has become an entrusted software partner through its in-house development that allows the company to directly support its fully integrated solutions. Backed by robust industry knowledge and experience, ImageTrend’s solutions boast key features like centralized data collection, optimized workflows and dozens of operational and analytical capabilities such as their active data monitoring solution Continuum®, Performance Insights™ and expanded fire operations for magnified niche documentation and analysis. ImageTrend works with states, agencies and departments, and listens to user voices to create transformational software solutions that fit the nuanced needs of each client.

Of course, the easy-to-use, powerful and flexible solutions from ImageTrend also support those in fire and EMS. In ImageTrend Elite™, the real-time validation rules help you navigate directly to the exact field that needs attention, saving you time and ensuring complete records. Features like Preset Values and Event Visibility Rules also work as shortcuts that automate repetitive tasks and can completely hide unnecessary fields on the fly or display a helpful button when certain criteria are met.

With all solutions developed in-house, ImageTrend has the ability to effectively support its entire suite of products with one point of contact. ImageTrend also conducts monthly calls with clients to highlight new features, functionalities and other community updates, as well as offer free on-going education to ensure you're getting the most out of your system.

ImageTrend’s highly configurable solutions highlight their on-going commitment to the fire and prevention industry and its personnel by supporting the various needs of departments and their surrounding communities, helping bridge the gaps in emergency data technology to deliver the most efficient and powerful solutions on the market.

If you'd like to learn more about ImageTrend's solutions for your fire department, please get in touch with Layton.

Layton Roubique, NRP, Sales Account Executive
Florida Paramedic, FFCA Member
[email protected] | 952-469-6207

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