FFCA 2022 Board Elections


The Florida Fire Chiefs' Association (FFCA) is conducting this year's 2022 Board of Directors Elections via electronic ballot for the open vacancies of 2nd Vice President and Senior Board Member. For more details on the voting process and candidates, please see the sections below. Voting opens Saturday, April 16, 2022 and will close at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

Who Can Vote

  • All current active members (excluding Associate and Corporate members) in good standing may vote for the 2nd Vice President and Senior Board Member.

How to Vote

  • Electronic ballots are set to only be accessible if your membership is active and in good standing. Please ensure your membership is active and any outstanding dues have been paid.
  • Click the electronic ballot button on emails sent to you regarding the election or from the FFCA website to vote.
  • You must log in with your FFCA Membership credentials to complete and submit your ballot. If you require assistance, please email [email protected] or call (850) 900-5180 during office hours.


2nd Vice President Candidates

Michael Choate

I am Michael Choate, fire chief with the Immokalee Fire Control District. I would appreciate your consideration and vote of confidence as the Second Vice President on the board of directors for the Florida Fire Chief’s Association (FFCA). I am a second-generation firefighter with more than 32 years of service. I have had the privilege to serve two different departments as fire chief. I’ve become widely known as the “chief that fixes departments.” I wear that distinction with pride.

Having had the honor of previously serving on this board for four (4) years as the Southwest Region Director, I am fully aware of how important it is to accurately represent our brothers and sisters as well as this prestigious organization. My Campaign Slogan is “MEMBERSHIP DRIVEN”. That phrase plays well with my leadership styles. I consider myself to possess several of the common leadership styles but predominantly a mix of visionary and servant. I will strive to be a direct conduit from you (the member) to the FFCA organization and the Florida Fire Service. I desire to add impetus to the vigorous growth of our association.

During my previous tenure on our board, I humbly served our association in the following capacity:

  • Southwest Regional Director, 2009 – 2012
  • Small department round table moderator, 2010 - current
  • Co-chair for the by-law and policy review committee
  • Co-chair for the membership development committee
  • Co-author of the statewide emergency response plan (SERP) revisions
  • Legislative committee member
  • LoDD committee member
  • Board Liaison for the memorial committee
  • Board liaison for the wildland fire committee
  • Board liaison for the aviation committee

I have always had a great passion for this organization. I am eager to serve and rejoin this board in this executive position. I’m confident that this FFCA experience and my years of experience in all aspects of administration, suppression, providing EMS services, training, and prevention will serve me well in my pursuit of this great achievement.

Additionally, this will allow me to accurately represent all of you who serve your communities. All of this coupled together makes me the ideal candidate for consideration as your Second Vice President. I simply can’t wait to inject my vitality and positive attitude into the members of our board while collectively, we improve the Florida Fire Chief’s Association as a whole.


L. Keith Tomey, III

I would like to introduce myself to those of you who I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet. I’m Delray Beach Fire Chief Keith Tomey, and I am running for the office of 2nd Vice President of the Florida Fire Chiefs Association. I have worked in the fire service for 37 years and served as fire chief at two outstanding departments. I served 30 years at Miramar Fire-Rescue and was the Fire Chief for 3 years. I am now Fire Chief at Delray Beach Fire Rescue. I earned a master’s degree in organizational management, the Executive Fire Officer in 2006, and the Chief Fire Officer designation in 2012. I am a second-generation fire chief. My father was the Fire Chief in the small town of Okeechobee, and I grew up being inspired by the firefighters, their training and dedication, as well as the brother/sisterhood in the firehouse. The fire service is the best career I could have ever chosen. I am dedicated to serving both the firefighters of today and future generations.

As 2nd Vice President, I would like to focus on four things:

Legislative Priorities

  • Continuing to support the association’s legislative priorities and build relationships to move the association’s goals forward.


  • Enhancing diversity, not only in our association but also on our board of directors, committees, and in our sections.


  • To continue to build on our relationship with the FPF. Together we are stronger. I have a positive track record of building strong relationships with the local unions in both departments where I served as Fire Chief.

Cancer and Mental Health Initiatives

  • I also want to build on and keep our vision laser-focused on our cancer and mental health initiatives. We have built great foundations, but we can’t slow down now. We must keep moving these two initiatives forward and increase awareness statewide and beyond. Florida is the leader in mental health and cancer prevention, and we should always maintain that lead.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you will support me and allow me the opportunity to serve our organization and the fire service.

Click here to view the endorsement from the Fire Officers Association of Miami-Dade.

Senior Member Candidates

Frank Ennist

My name is Frank Ennist and I am a candidate for the Senior Member position on the Board of Directors for the FFCA. I began my association with FFCA in 1998 and have served and continue to serve on multiple committees and sections, including Emergency Response Committee, Health & Safety Committee, FRE Incident Command Team, and the Conference Committee.

I served in the Florida fire service for 42 years with most of my time with Broward County Fire Rescue. I also served as Fire Chief in the City of Deltona and Clay County and as Deputy Chief with the City of Titusville under Chief Rick Talbert and Sumter County under Chief Leland Greek, both excellent chief officers. I retired in 2021 from the Florida State Fire College under the direction of Chief Mike Tucker, another fine chief officer.

I am also proud of what we have been able to accomplish in our fire service, many times through the FFCA or FPF or a collaboration of both. Having education required for cancer awareness and best practices for reducing the potential for new cases, post-traumatic stress making it a normal conversation and seeking assistance and now cancer legislation is exciting and rewarding.

I would like for us all to build on that success and continue to move our fire service forward. We have a long list of up-and-coming chief officers and some that have already reached their goals. These are very well educated and well-informed members and have used the knowledge to assist us all. However, let us not forget the many members who have retired and also used our abilities and knowledge to help the fire service. Many of us paved the path and we can continue to do so through my success as part of the Board of Directors. This group has and continues to assist where possible in ensuring that our association is in the best position to improve upon our successes. This is where I come in. Is there a need to establish a retiree's section that can help with future legislation in support of retiree coverage for health or cancer? Are there health insurance options that we as retirees can benefit from? These may be some of the questions we can address and perhaps even find solutions to. There are many good candidates, and I am sure each of us brings great qualities to the table. I want to keep our senior members and our retirees on the front line and improve our presence in the organization. I understand I can do some of that right now as I am through committee membership. I also believe that I can improve upon that effort through a position on the Board of Directors.

I hope to see many of you at quarterly and/or regional meetings and by personal visits and calls. I am requesting your support in reaching one of my goals and that is to serve as part of your Board of Directors in the Senior Member position. Please support my vision and the vision of many fire service professionals by casting your vote for me.

Fraternally yours,
Francis J. Ennist, Retired Fire Chief

Leland Greek

Leland Greek is a recently retired fire chief who served for 38 years in Florida’s fire and emergency services and desires to continue to serve the fire service. Throughout his 38 years in the fire service, he filled many roles and served in technical capacities that provided a wealth of service delivery knowledge. His experiences provided many opportunities to engage in the political process and learn the importance of processes and relationships. He also realizes the importance of education and took opportunities to ensure continued personal growth, as well as creating and supporting educational opportunities for his team members. During his tenure, he had the opportunity to engage many peers and create positive relationships that continue today. His history and experiences allow him to assist in the association's mission of “advancing the profession of fire and emergency services through strategic and proactive leadership, education, advocacy, and development.”

Being blessed to serve on the Board as Senior Member over the past two years has allowed me to learn organizational processes and priorities, and permitted me the opportunity to work with a committed, and forward-thinking Board. Pending approval of the association’s members, I look forward to serving an additional term as Senior Member to continue assisting the Board and membership in achieving organizational goals for the future.