Executive Fire Officers Section

The Florida Executive Fire Officers section will provide a forum of communication and networking for Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP) graduates, participants and those interested in the program.  The Executive Fire Officers section will, through its members, support the EFOP and encourage the participation of Florida Fire Service leaders. The Executive Fire Officers section will support other Florida Fire Service professional associations and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) EFO Section.

Section and Committee Policy
Description & By-Laws

Section Council


Trip Barrs, EFO, CFO, Fire Chief
Treasure Island Fire Rescue

Vice Chair

Jeffrey A. Lucas EFO, CFO, FM, CFPS, Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal
Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue


Robert Hanson, Fire Chief
Sumter County Fire & EMS

FFCA Board Liaison

Chuck Bogle, Fire Chief
City of Melbourne Fire Department

Fire Service Mentoring Program

The FFCA is offering members an opportunity to select a fire service mentor for a variety of individual/professional needs.  This is a component of the strategic plan of the FFCA, and the Executive Fire Officer Section has agreed to lead this effort on the association’s behalf.   FFCA members will find a short biography on each of the Florida fire professionals serving in the mentoring capacity with achievements and areas of specialties to assist members in selecting a mentor.  This program is designed to allow a consistent approach throughout the State and build a strong and dependable network for all to utilize.  This is just one more example of the FFCA meeting the needs and requests of the membership.

Fire Service Mentors (click on name to contact)

Michael Arena, MPA, EFO, CFO | Battalion Chief [BIO] 
Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

Trip Barrs, EFO, CFO | Fire Chief [BIO]
Treasure Island Fire Rescue

Chantal Botting | Deputy Fire Chief [BIO]
Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue

Ralph Franklin | Fire Chief [BIO]
Okeechobee County Fire Rescue

Randy Keirn, MPA, EFO, CFO, BSN, CSP, MBTI | District Chief, EMS Division Chief [BIO]
Lealman Fire District 

David Kilbury, EFO, CFO, MS, MIFireE |  Fire Marshal [BIO]
Orange County Fire Rescue

William Northcutt, EFO, CFO | Chief of Fire Rescue, Retired [BIO]
Alachua County 

Chad Pittman, EFO, CFO | Fire Chief [BIO]
Largo Fire Rescue



Center For Public Safety Excellence

National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program

IAFC Executive Fire Officers Section

National Fire Academy


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