FFCA Board of Directors

Selected Awards

Distinguished Service Award
This award is presented to corporations, institutions or individuals who have provided
unparalleled service to the Florida fire and emergency services, and in so doing, have greatly
enhanced the visibility and awareness of this profession. Not necessarily awarded annually, it will
be reserved for recognition only when such extraordinary and unusual circumstances so merit.

Recipients: John Holms, Twin Towers Hotel (1994); T. L. Siegfried, Altamonte Springs Fire
Department (1994); Senator Howard Forman (1995); Ragan Vandegriff, III, FFCA Chaplain (1995);
David Halstead, CEM, Altamonte Springs Fire Department (1997); J. C. Robertson (1997); Bill
Nelson, State Fire Marshal (1999);Joseph Myers, Florida Division of Emergency Management
(2000); James Byrd, Miami Dade Fire Rescue (2003); Will Gray May, Jr., Alachua County Fire
Rescue (2006); Robert Pudney, Plantation Fire Department (2010)

Life Time Achievement Award  
 For unselfish and meritorious service to the Florida Fire Chiefs' Association.

Recipients: C.M. Deal, Lakeland Fire Department (1997); Howard Wright, Live Oak Fire Department (1999)