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The mission of the Florida Association for Search and Rescue is to unify and coordinate the efforts of SAR Responders in the State of Florida.  This section provides educational opportunities to SAR professionals and develops proficiency levels for state deployment through ESF 9.  This Section is governed by a Section Council.

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Search & Rescue Committee

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FASAR 2010-2015 Strategic Plan.pdf View
History of Organized SAR in Florida 2016.pdf View
USNG National Grid Letter.pdf View

Task Force Leaders Working Group Minutes

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2008 Jan 23.pdf View
2008 July 25.pdf View
2009 Jan 28.pdf View
2013 Jan 23.pdf View
2013 July 19.pdf View
2015 Jan 23.pdf View
2015 July 18.pdf View
2016 Jan 22.pdf View

Publications and Resource Typing Policies

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2011 Florida Type I USR Cache List.xls View
2011 Florida Type ll Equipment Cache List.xls View
FASAR Deployment.pdf View
FASAR Resource Typing Policy 2006.pdf View
FASAR Technical Rescue Equipment Lists Udate (Jan. 2006).pdf View
Flood-Swift Water Position Descriptions and Team Typing.pdf View
Florida Type l FSW Equipment 2008.pdf View
Florida Type ll FSW Equipment 2008.pdf View
Florida USAR and Technical Rescue Team Typing Summary 2008.pdf View
Florida USAR Position Descriptions 2008.pdf View
Minimum Training Req. for Basic Wilderness Search & Rescue.pdf View
Regional Coordinator Responsibilities.pdf View

Search & Rescue Forms

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USR Directive Approval Form.doc View
USR Directive Approval Form.pdf View
USR Directive Recommendation Form.doc View
USR Directive Recommendation Form.pdf View
USR Directive Vote Taking Form.doc View
USR Directive Vote Taking Form.pdf View

Search & Rescue By-Laws

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fasar_governance_policy.pdf View